The Sharing Place

Mary Chambers, LCSW 


I have experience and am skilled in working with individuals, couples and families. I have experience in a variety of areas ranging from depression/anxiety, grief/ loss, relationship issues, divorce, difficult family relationships and step-families. I offer specialized therapy in the area of infertility and the unique issues that often accompany this diagnosis. 


Chelsea Davis, LPC 


My focus is on understanding the whole child (social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual) and all of his/her environmental influences to better assist his/her natural ability to heal and resolve trauma. I believe in using activities that   provide for creative expression and in the involvement of parents/caregivers in the therapeutic process.


Stacey Guss, LCSW 


It has been my pleasure to serve individuals, couples and families for over 25 years. It is through this opportunity that I have come to know and understand the incredible healing power of the therapeutic process. I am currently specializing in couples and family work.


Claudia Stevens, LCSW 


I am dedicated to providing a supportive environment for self-exploration and growth.  I have advanced training in EMDR to help resolve past trauma and change life-limiting beliefs. I use a mindfulness approach that has been proven effective in addressing depression, anxiety, addiction and more. It has been an honor to be helping adolescents and adults learn new skills and gain mastery in their lives since 1989.

Fawn Gonzales, LCSW 


Our desire for connection, capacity to heal and the underlying humanity in our diversity shapes my belief that our relationship(s) to ourselves and with one another can be rich and less difficult. My approach appreciates strengths and empathetically challenges the struggles that get in the way of satisfying relationships.

Shirley Johnson, LCSW 


I have been working in the mental health field for over 25 years, nine of those in private practice in the Rogue Valley. I enjoy working with adults individually or as a couple. With experience and compassion I will help you examine the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that contribute to distress in your life, and/or your relationship, and offer suggestions on how to make changes.


Susanna Wood, LCSW 


During our time together, I'll bring compassion, humor, focus, hope and over 16 years of clinical counseling experience, in addition to an exceptional array of “user-friendly” treatment tools, including Meridian therapies, which provides immediate relief and permanent results. I hold the intention that your goals and objectives are met, and that you get the support you have come for, in a timely manner.


Elizabeth Sherbow, PhD, LPC

For over 20 years, I have helped adults--women, men, couples, and groups--access their full inner resources for growth and healing.  I view development as a lifelong process. I believe that self-awareness and self-compassion in our relationship to ourselves is fundamental to the cultivation of richly fulfilling relationships with one another. I work together with clients as they clarify their cherished values and take committed action to build the full and meaningful lives they desire.


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